Will There Be a Bouquet Toss at the Wedding Reception?

The tradition of throwing the bride's bouquet dates back to medieval times and is still practiced today. During the wedding reception, the bride gathers all the unmarried guests and throws her bouquet at them. It is believed that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to get married, or it is considered good luck. If you want to incorporate this tradition into your wedding, you may consider ordering a second, smaller bouquet.

This will prevent any scratches or bruises that may occur when a dozen people try to catch a bunch of flowers. The cost of the second bouquet should be lower than your regular wedding bouquet. It is recommended to order your wedding flowers six to nine months before the wedding. When throwing the bouquet, choose a song that inspires empowerment, love and hope.

If there are only a few single guests, you can opt for something symbolic such as a plush toy or a small bouquet. The bouquet toss and garter toss are time-honored wedding traditions, but if they don't sound appealing to you, you don't have to include them in your reception. The bouquet is usually thrown towards the end of the reception, but there is no set rule.

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