Who Will Provide Transportation to and from the Wedding Venue(s)?

Couples often provide transportation to the wedding venue for the wedding party and parents, and sometimes even close family members who have traveled from out of town. The couple's marriage and budget will be the deciding factors in this decision. Even if transportation is not provided, couples should still provide information to their guests about parking options, such as whether there is enough space, if there is a valet service, or if there is a fee for parking. Additionally, couples should consider providing information about local public transportation or ride-sharing apps with discount codes for party goers.

It is important to make a transportation plan for the wedding to keep everything running smoothly. Michelle Norwood, lead designer and organizer of Michelle Norwood Events, suggests that the wedding party and VIPs are the people most in need of transportation for their wedding. To save money on transportation, couples should look for good deals in several locations or ask rental companies if they can add gifts or extras as part of their wedding package. It is also important to choose a transportation point person (either the wedding planner, a close friend, or a family member) to oversee the logistics on the wedding day and handle any issues.

If couples want to use a special mode of transport, such as a tram or horse-drawn carriage, they may have to book even earlier. Many weddings spend the morning of the wedding together getting ready in a hotel or someone's house, so it's easy to have everyone crammed into a limousine, streetcar, bus, etc. Along the same lines, it's important to have safe transportation options available to anyone who can't drive home alone, such as a shuttle service, another guest they can share the ride with, a rideshare service, or a taxi service. Couples should use invitation inserts or wedding websites to make sure that people know that they will have the option of using a shuttle service or any method of transportation they choose to hire.

Both sets of parents should be factored into any wedding day transportation plan. If driving services are limited in your city or are in high demand on your wedding day, it can be difficult to get a ride when you need it. If you hire a shuttle service on your wedding day, give the driver a call sheet with the names of the guests who will be traveling along with their pickup and return addresses.

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