Capture the Moment: Who Will Provide Photography Services for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception?

Capture the moments that will last a lifetime. With thousands of wedding photographers to choose from, you can find the perfect one to meet your needs for the big day. From photographers to wedding planners, here's what they should provide advice on and when, according to a variety of experts. Amber's Photography offers full coverage during the ceremony and can provide reception coverage at an additional cost.

Package prices vary depending on the number and size of prints you purchase. Dear Jasmine, I searched your blog and I couldn't find anything about “Dining at Weddings”. I was wondering if you have included in your wedding contract a dinner for you and your assistant(s) at the reception. In addition, is it correct to request a reserved seat at the ceremony, at least within the first three rows, for the photographer? Thank you, hungry after seven hours of work.

Last week I published a video on How to create a slideshow for the same day, and it's during the dinner service that I bring it to life. But, like all providers, videographers and wedding photographers can come at a high price, leaving many others to wonder if these services are really worth it. Now that you know what's included in wedding videography and photography packages, you have a better understanding of which service is right for you. Kelly Loss Photography is a wedding photography service based in Alexandria, Virginia that believes in less hassle and more fun.

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