Lighting Services for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Are you planning a wedding reception soon? If so, you should consider hiring a professional lighting service to make your special day even more spectacular. Light can make all the difference between a good wedding reception and an amazing one. Read on to learn more about our services and how to make sure your reception venue is properly lit for the big day. When visiting the reception venue, take note of the existing lighting. Are there dimmers for the ceiling lights? Are there fluorescent lights that need to be turned off? Remember that lighting that illuminates the walls, windows, and ceiling can take away from the focus of the room, so make sure that the tables, cake, dance floor, and guests stand out.

Additionally, keep the doors closed during the reception to prevent any outside light from ruining the ambiance. Ambient lighting is an important part of wedding decor. With LED technology becoming more affordable and available, companies can offer lighting services that will greatly improve the overall look of a wedding or reception. If you are having your wedding at home, talk to your lighting professional about how much electricity you will need and if they will bring a generator. Smart lighting is the best option for achieving maximum impact as it allows for flexibility in using different colors, patterns, and textures. Many couples incorporate event lighting into their wedding decor because of its atmosphere and intimate feel.

This type of wedding lighting can be customized in any color to match the design of the event and different spaces such as the cake table, main table, and dance floor. Uplighting is a relatively new addition to wedding lighting but has been one of the fastest-growing services offered by producers since the early 2000s. Lighting can add beauty and positive energy to a room. A wedding decorator is a great choice if you are having your wedding in an outdoor venue or in a place without adequate lighting. Colourful and eye-catching lighting is an excellent way to transform a simple reception room into an elegant venue and set the mood for your entire event. Based in Denver, Colorado, Elevation Balloon Bar is a personalized balloon decorating service that specializes in weddings.

To get the most out of your investment, consult with a wedding planner or lighting expert who can explain all of your options that fit your style and budget.

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