The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitations: Everything You Need to Know

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, and one of the most important elements is the invitations. From when to send them out to what to include, there are many details to consider. This guide will provide all the information you need to know about wedding invitations, from the traditional etiquette to the modern trends. When it comes to wedding invitations, timing is everything.

Traditionally, invitations are sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding. If it's a destination wedding, give your guests more time and send them out three months in advance. Additionally, many couples also send save-the-date cards so that their guests can mark the day on their calendar before they receive the full invitation. Save-the-dates should be sent six to eight months before the wedding, but can be sent up to a year in advance if all the details have been finalized.

When it comes to addressing your invitations, make sure you have the correct spelling of your guests' names and titles (Mr., Mrs., etc.). It's also important to ask for their last names, as not all married couples share a last name. If you need to inform someone that they are not invited to the wedding, it's best to do so in person or over the phone. You can also direct guests to your wedding website for more information about the weekend's events and dress code.

To keep all the pieces of your invitation set together, use an invitation wrapper such as a belly band or silk ribbon. When it comes to wording your invitations, there are two main approaches: formal or informal. If you're hosting a more formal event, use traditional phrases such as "request the honor of your presence". For a more informal event, you can use more casual language such as "invite you to join us".

It's also important to include information about your wedding registry on your invitations. You can either include this information directly on the invitation or have family members spread the word. Finally, it's important to plan ahead for late responses. Allow two to four weeks between when you confirm attendance and when the wedding takes place so that you can contact those who respond late and give vendors a final count of guests.

Choosing the right wedding invitations is an important part of planning your big day. From traditional etiquette to modern trends, this guide has provided all the information you need to know about wedding invitations. With this knowledge in hand, you'll be able to create beautiful stationery that reflects your style as a couple and sets the tone for your special day.

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