What Percentage of Guests Invited to a Wedding Actually Come?

When it comes to weddings, the average percentage of guests attending usually ranges from 70 to 85%. This means that if you invite 100 people, you can expect 70 to 85 of them to show up. If you invite less than 200 people, the attendance rate is likely to be around 85%, while if you invite more than 200 people, the rate is likely to be around 75%.However, there are many factors that can influence the number of guests attending your wedding. For instance, if you are having a destination wedding or sending out invitations at least 6-8 weeks in advance, you can expect 15-20% of your guests to decline.

This year, experts suggest that couples should be prepared for 100% of their invited guests to attend. It is also important to remember not to fill your wedding venue to capacity. If you are planning a wedding during a global pandemic, it is likely that many people will not be able to take time off work or afford the accommodation needed for a destination wedding. This has caused an increase in weddings and a shortage of labor among service teams. Couples who are hosting intimate weddings with only close family and friends invited may get a higher response rate. Before sending out invitations or “save the date” emails, it is recommended that couples create a wedding website.

Destination weddings usually have shorter guest lists than traditional weddings, so this is something to consider. Each couple will have their own idea of how big they want their wedding to be. Wedding planner Ivy Summer warns that couples should not bet on a certain percentage of confirmations of attendance. There are hundreds of elegant wedding invitations and save-the-date designs available, but these do not include confirmations or detailed information about the ceremony and reception.

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