What Does a Videographer Do at a Wedding?

As a wedding videographer, you typically meet with each couple before the big day to discuss their needs and plan the project. You can film the couple throughout the day, record them at the wedding venue, and capture images during the ceremony and reception. When it comes to preserving all the special moments of your wedding day, wedding photography is what many couples think about most. But wedding videography is also an important component to consider.

A videographer can record moments of the day that you might not be able to see, such as your guests arriving at your venue or mingling during cocktail hour while you and your new spouse take portraits with the photographer. The combination of music, storytelling and scenes from your day takes the preservation of your wedding day to a whole new level. When it comes to direction, you'll need to decide what style you like - documentary, cinematic, traditional? An experienced videographer brings those moments back to life and brings your day back to life. Of course, there are videographers who still use older camera equipment, but it's rare or these are large scale weddings that look more like productions than a real wedding.

If your wedding is going to take place during a popular time of year, you should try to hire the services of your videographer eight to twelve months in advance to secure the date. Corporate videography can include anything from promotional images of a company or product to coverage of a charitable event. Your cameraman should be able to capture their personalities and tell their love story over the course of a short five-minute wedding video. Most basic wedding videography packages include a full video of the wedding and a video of the highlights, sometimes along with raw images of the wedding day. As a destination wedding videographer, living in the heart of Switzerland is simply amazing to have the best. You might think that you're only paying for the final videos of your wedding, but in reality the prices of wedding videography go far beyond the videos themselves.

As you edit your wedding video together, the videographer will correct the color as you move from the preparation space to the ceremony, to the outdoors and to the reception, in order to create a coherent video. The cost of a wedding videographer varies greatly depending on their experience and level of expertise, as well as the location of the wedding. However, since the market is constantly evolving and couples are increasingly interested in other styles of wedding videography, traditional videographers tend to incorporate many of these characteristics into their classic approach. A workshop is something that everyone should do at least once, in my opinion, because it can help you determine if becoming a videographer is something you would like to do. If you're looking for discretion during the day, you're probably looking for a cameraman with minimal equipment who doesn't go around with gimbals and sliders.

We highly recommend hiring an experienced wedding videographer for your wedding (as opposed to a friend or family member) and yes, that costs money.

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