What is the Meal at a Wedding Reception Called?

The reception is the name of the entire post-ceremony celebration, from drinks to dinner and dancing.

Bridal breakfast

is the name of the main meal on the wedding day. A wedding breakfast is a banquet given to newlyweds and guests after the wedding, which is equivalent to a wedding reception that serves a meal. The phrase is still used in British English. A food buffet for wedding receptions is also very popular.

This is when guests get up from the table, stand in line, and choose what food they would like from among irritating dishes. This is the more traditional reception style that most couples choose. This type of reception is the type where all the guests sit down and are served a formal dinner. Most dish receptions consist of a two-course meal and dessert. It is generally recommended that the couple decide in advance on the main course from a wide range of proteins such as chicken, veal, pork, steak, etc.

Usually, everyone is served the same amount of snack. The main course can be selected from the menu or chosen beforehand when guests send their confirmation of attendance. Guests will head to the buffet and refill their plates to take them to the table, coming and going as often as they like. You might only have one buffet for the main course, or you could also include your starter and dessert options. The orthodox wedding breakfast could be more aptly called wedding lunch, since it largely assumes the character of that meal; in any case, it has little relation to breakfast on that day, although the title breakfast is still applied to it, in praise of tradition.

The classy downsides of a wedding buffet include delays in lines, but this can be avoided if you have waiters, staff, or a wedding coordinator to help you. It is said that the name comes from the fact that, in times before the Reformation, the wedding service used to be a Eucharistic Mass and, therefore, newlyweds fasted before the wedding in order to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. A meal that is shared with all the friends and family who have gathered to share their special day, depending on the wedding venue and the wedding catering service, the wedding breakfast can consist of a selection of your favorite foods or it can be combined with your theme in interesting and unique ways. The season and the local are becoming key watchwords for modern couples, most counties have excellent products that they are famous for and a catering service specializing in weddings will seek to source their ingredients from local suppliers, which will give a truly local touch to your wedding. When it comes to choosing your wedding menu, it's not as simple as simply choosing your favorite foods and ending the day. It takes months of planning to perfect every detail to make it satisfying not only for the bride and groom, but also for their guests.

This “shepherding” or “cocktail” type of reception requires the couple to inform the wedding guests that a full dinner will not be served. Nowadays, the name is preserved as a reminder that this is the first meal for newlyweds, the first meal after the ceremony, as a newlywed couple, so the name breakfast is preserved. You can ask your guests to select a meal when you send out wedding invitations, which will allow them to send their preferences. Nowadays, wedding breakfast is not usually a morning breakfast, nor does it seem like a typical breakfast, so its name can be confusing. Get your own personalized wedding planning dashboard to keep track of all your wedding tasks, budget expenses, and more.

This “shepherding” or “cocktail” type of reception requires couples to inform their guests that no full dinner will be served. Nowadays, however, its name remains as an indication that this is a special meal shared by newlyweds with their friends and family after their ceremony. When planning for your own special day there are many things you need to consider when deciding on what type of meal you would like served at your reception. A wedding buffet is an increasingly popular option for couples who want something different than traditional sit-down dinners. This type of reception requires more space than other types due to having multiple stations set up throughout your venue where guests can go up and choose what they would like from among various dishes. The stations will need to be separated which requires a lot of space for your reception so if you like this style of food service for your wedding reception make sure you have a venue that can comfortably accommodate everything.

In addition in terms of budget couples would have to pay much more than a family-style wedding due to having such variety available. Choosing what type of meal you would like served at your reception takes months of planning in order for everything to be perfect not only for you but also for your guests. Whether you decide on having a traditional sit-down dinner or opt for something more unique such as a wedding buffet, make sure you have all details planned out ahead of time so everything goes smoothly on your special day.

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