How to Decorate a Wedding Reception: 35 Ideas for a Spectacular Celebration

Priority should be given to decorating the altar, but if you want to give things a more modern touch, you can also adorn the hallway, choose interesting benches or chairs and add personalized elements, such as a welcome sign and ceremony programs. The most recent trends in ceremonial decoration include decorative elements hanging over the aisle, which, according to Taylor, “look luxurious and grandiose compared to the petals on the floor”, as well as circular floral arches and asymmetrical installations on the floor at the altar. It's no secret that your reception is where your guests are going to spend most of their time, so it's arguably the most important when it comes to design. This is especially true for the dinner table.

Personalize it with centerpieces, exclusive chargers, stylish bedding, or mismatched glassware. Thank you for mentioning that we have table runners and garlands for an elegant wedding. My sister needs help choosing her wedding decorations in spring. You must first find a theme and go from there and focus on flowers.

Thank you for explaining that you need centerpieces on your reception tables. I hope to be able to hire a wedding decoration company to help me get the decorations for my reception. Our theme is a garden party, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find the right things. Wedding reception decor includes a good number of signs to point all your guests in the right direction.

The reception also offers ample opportunities to unleash your creativity with your decorative style, although this can present some challenges on its own. The good news is that some of the reception decor can be brought from the ceremony, including the guest book table and the welcome sign (which will be placed in parking areas, entrances and near bathrooms). While table decor is technically part of the overall wedding reception decor, it's also a big enough category that it's useful to think about it separately. Wedding dinner table decor includes everything your guests need to eat and enjoy their meal, some ornamental touches and, you guessed it, lots of signage.

We've chosen 35 incredible wedding decorating ideas that will transform your space, with lots of DIY ideas to reduce costs. Balloon installations are incredible for giving life to a simple space. You can also incorporate balloons in the centerpieces or in the decoration of the upper table, or simply have two huge balloons like the ones above. This set of 40 ready-to-make pom-pom-poms from Amazon costs only 12.99€ and they come in sets of colors that range from bright to pastel, from seasonal themes to a great selection of roses.

It's a festive time, and as such, the wedding decoration ideas you include in your wedding reception should be just as epic. Whether your wedding is luxurious or minimalist, the decor has a big impact on the ambience and feel of the big day. If your wedding venue is beautiful on its own, like the venue this couple chose for their winter wedding in Philadelphia, make sure that your wedding decor complements the space, rather than trying to compete with or dominate existing architecture. If you and your partner are planning a modern and modern wedding, then you're going to be absolutely obsessed with these ideas.

Use this wedding decorating checklist to ensure that every important detail is present and counted on your wedding day and that your wedding plans go smoothly (no pun intended). Instead of placing wedding flowers on the table as part of the reception table decor, this wedding's centerpieces were dramatically enhanced, while simple conical candles, votive candles, and tea candles were placed directly on the table. For example, ask your floral designer about creating a spectacular floral arch for the wedding ceremony that can serve as a backdrop for the cake table during the wedding reception. From rustic wedding decorations to floral installations, here are the best ways to decorate your wedding venue.

No matter what type of musical wedding entertainment you book, from a DJ to a live band, these artists are likely to be the center point of the wedding reception and deserve to be highlighted as such. If you're wondering how to decorate a wedding venue yourself, technically, yes, some simple wedding decoration designs can be made with DIY projects. A spectacular arch at the entrance, a magnificent display of company cards, a unique heart-shaped table design and even a fantastic moment of passing through and repeating photos are just some of the many other decoration ideas for receptions that you can use. Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalist look or opt for modern colors and textures, modern decor details are never a bad idea.

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