How Many Guests Should You Invite to Your Wedding?

Figuring out how many people to invite to your wedding can be a tricky task. Reports suggest that the average percentage of wedding guests who attend usually ranges from 70 to 85%. Therefore, if you invite 100 people, you can expect 70 to 85 people to show up. To be on the safe side, you might want to increase your target guest list by 10%.If you want to keep the guest list small and intimate, you can opt for a microwedding.

This type of wedding offers the comfort and privacy of a getaway, but with a few additional attendees. You can also expand your list of closest and dearest people to include distant friends and immediate family members. Experts recommend not inviting more than your budget can afford. If you have budgeted for 150 people, you should send 150 invitations.

If any of those potential guests regret it, feel free to send more invitations to “second-tier” guests, but only until you reach the original total of 150 people. The average number of wedding guests in the United States is 167, and most weddings are between 100 and 200 guests. Couples planning a destination wedding tend to keep their guest list small, with an average of 86 people. This is because destination weddings usually have shorter guest lists than traditional celebrations. Before your wedding budget runs out, create a preliminary list of all the people you would invite if the budget weren't an issue. If guests make a fuss and say that they won't be able to attend your wedding without their young children or babies, express your regrets but tell them that it would be unfair to the people you said no to. Once you have established your wedding budget, calculate how many guests you can and want to invite.

This way, you can make sure that your dream wedding vision comes true without breaking the bank.

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