Do Wedding Photographers Count as Guests?

When planning a wedding, it's important to consider all the details, including who will be attending. Many couples are faced with the question of whether or not to include their wedding photographer as a guest. The answer is not always straightforward, as it depends on the venue and catering arrangements. Vendors such as the photographer, the cameraman, the DJ, and the band should be counted to make sure you don't exceed the maximum number that your place can hold.

It's also important to feed them, but locals tend to charge less for vendors' meals. In some cases, vendors are counted as guests in addition to the guest list itself. In addition to the photographer, you should also consider including an assistant (if available) and an officiant (only if invited as a guest). When it comes to what to feed your wedding photographer, you have a few options.

Not all establishments or catering companies simply give the photographer the same food as the guests. Check with your catering provider to find out what type of food they offer to their photographers and other vendors. Once you find out what your catering company does and you've made a decision, you should let your photographer know what to expect. Another great topic to discuss with the photographer is when they expect to eat.

This will be especially true if your photographer is alone at your wedding, without a second photographer. It's important to note that if your photographer is with you for a long time, such as 12, 16, or even 20 hours, you may need more than one break and more than one meal. Where your photographer eats is another factor that you should consider. This is another great conversation to have with your photographer.

Do photographers count as wedding guests? It depends on how you count. Do they need an invitation and a spot on the seating chart? Not necessarily. From capturing the most romantic moments to helping you know how to pose, wedding photographers play an important role on your wedding day. Your photographer doesn't expect a four-course meal complete with filet mignon, but he does need something tasty, filling and appropriate. They might find that they're happy with a box of sandwiches from a local bakery or even a few slices of pizza. Wedding photographers work with many types of clients, and each one is amazing in its own way.

An excellent photographer recognizes this and will contribute their best work, no matter what. But one way to show your appreciation to your photographer is to provide him with a meal. Julian Ribinik Photography is committed to excellence, no matter what. We arrived at your place prepared to create and preserve a beautiful collection of memories from your special day. You've heard the expression “clarity is kindness”, and that also sounds true for the world of wedding planning. I've only known one case where the officiant joined the reception and it was at my future brother-in-law's wedding, but his officiant is also a close friend who offered his officiant services free of charge. You want your wedding day to be as simple as possible, and reading your photographer's contract carefully will help you achieve that.

We specialize in luxurious, moody photographs that show the unique lighting and architecture of New York wedding venues in an elegant way that complements you and your partner. Even if you're trying to stick to a strict budget for your wedding, feeding your photographer isn't the best way to reduce costs. Unless your photographer is there for less than a couple of hours or has explicitly asked you to do otherwise, you should plan to feed him. Many officiants also work on several weddings a day, so when they're done with you, they can run out of there to go to another. Of course, this may be different in other areas, but I coordinate weddings somewhere here and the photographer, DJ and organizers don't count in the total of 50 (only for bride and groom and guests). Julian Ribinik is proud to be a New York wedding photographer who specializes in capturing the uniqueness of a New York City wedding.

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