What Should Guests Wear to a Wedding?

When it comes to weddings, the attire guests should wear depends on the type of wedding. For a formal wedding, evening wear is the most appropriate. Men should wear a dark tuxedo, white dress shirt, matching bow tie, sash and suspenders (optional), and dress shoes such as oxfords. Women should wear a long dress or elegant cocktail dress.

For a casual wedding, dress pants or khaki pants with a collared shirt are suitable. Men can add a tie or sports jacket if they want, and women can opt for a summer dress, skirt and blouse combination, or jumpsuit. For a beach wedding, men should wear a tuxedo or dark formal suit with white shirt and conservative tie, while women should wear a formal floor-length dress or sophisticated cocktail dress. When attending a wedding, it's important to consider the context of the event.

If the invitation does not specify any dress code, look for clues such as the formality of the invitation, location, time of day, season and religion of the ceremony. If the wedding is after six o'clock in the evening, expect guests to come dressed up unless otherwise stated. Black is usually acceptable for formal weddings but it's safer to choose a brighter color for less formal events. Jeans, shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals and sneakers are generally not appropriate for weddings.

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